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Director's Message

From Pratham Sevak

It’s an honor to be the Pratham Sevak of Developing Countries Research Centre [dcrc], University of Delhi. The Centre has been a common platform for social scientists, scholars, students and social activists constantly engaged in the growth of knowledge for nearly two and half decades. The 28 Fellows of the Centre, fondly called the dcrc ‘Navratnas’, come from different disciplines of social sciences. Capping their respective expertise and acumen could really help in transforming the Centre from a professional organization to an academic parivar where cooperation, commitment and conviction among its members, characterized as ‘cultural capital’, should constitute the essence and foundation of knowledge.

While the 21st century global society provides huge opportunities, it also presents great challenges. How to stay academically vibrant in such a competitive market oriented global society is one of the toughest challenges for all of us. However, with mutual trust and the spirit of sacrificial commitment, we can work assiduously in taking this Centre to new heights of academic glory in the globalized society of today.

May the Almighty strengthen our perseverance and steer our academic journey towards success!

Prof. Sunil K Choudhary